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Sollazza is a designer boutique selling shoes, clothes, and accessories.

My task was to create a design in which nothing distracts from the products. No complicated product cards, rewarding information and "selling" texts.

Minimalism, simplicity and the best buying and paying patterns
What I created

· sitemap
· UX
· creation of styleguide
· product cards
· payment page
· design variants for A/B tests
Multi-brand online boutique
The home page should be easily adaptable to new collections, news and promotions.
The product card is a photo, name and price. You can immediately add the item to cart or go to the page with detailed information.
The classic filtering and sorting system for e-commerce projects. No point in reinventing the wheel where it's not needed
For the product page, two independent design versions were created for the A/B tests
The format, with the product on the left and the description and size selection on the right, is familiar to users - it's a classic for high-end boutiques
The second version was implemented as a pop-up and works like a "quick order" without full product information.
Shopping cart is available for editing and payment without leaving the site pages and opens in one click
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